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Sugared In Naples

Sugar Waxing Hair Removal

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Explore the ancient art of Sugaring as an all natural option to waxing for your hair removal needs, for long term and smooth results. Come experience the difference and enjoy 15% off  sugaring home care products with your first visit!

What Is Sugaring?

Sugaring is an ancient art that requires special skill and dexterity. Sugar paste is hand-rolled using special gloves and applied to the body using a hand "molding" process. The paste is then "flicked" in the direction of hair growth, eliminating hair breakage and follicular distortion (the main cause of ingrown hairs). Because the sugar paste is composed of food grade ingredients (sugar, citrus and water) 100% of it is removed from the skin. The sugaring treatment is an absolutely natural and clean process for smooth skin. Aftercare ensures long term results and healthy, non-irritated skin. Multiple sugaring treatments lead to drastically reduced or even permanent hair removal. Sugaring hair removal requires proper training. It is important to distinguish between traditional sugaring techniques and "speed waxing" adaptations of sugaring, the latter of which is not a proper technique for true sugaring professionals. Sugaring will be less painful than waxing with proper application, quality sugaring paste and dedicated home care. Come experience the difference!


Everything is Natural & Handmade 

with earth sown ingredients

We use Sweet & True Sugaring Co professional pastes and home care products complemented with select private label brands for aftercare and glowing results. Sweet & True Sugaring Co does not outsource their production process;  every product is made with love in California. This ensures consistent quality and premium ingredients to benefit your skin pre and post sugaring treatments as well as lasting results. 


At Sweet & True Sugaring Co, eco friendly beauty alternatives deliver radiant skin and are ​crafted with utmost integrity. Unique sugaring paste formulas unite an ancient practice with botanical complexes, food safe ingredients and modern techniques to benefit all skin types, sensitivities and hair removal goals.


Come experience the Sweet & True difference for all your hair removal and skin rejuvenation needs. Enjoy 15% off  home care products with your first visit. Your dedicated home care is half of your sugaring success for smooth and lasting results. Click below to view our Online Store and explore ingredients for all home care products!

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Sugared In Naples/ BodyWellness of Naples LLC is located in the Fairway Building which is conveniently located on 41 and 10th Ave N across from the golf course (Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club).

You will access the Fairway Building parking lot by turning onto 10th Ave from 41 (Tamiami Trail) or from back way off 10th St. Elevator access is available to #203, look for sign for BodyWellness of Naples LLC and company logo.

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Mary Lambrecht 

(239) 595-2094 (TEXT ONLY)

BodyWellness of Naples LLC/

Sugared In Naples


1000 Tamiami Trail N

Unit 203

Naples FL 34102

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