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Sugaring Guidelines:

*** Covid/ Flu Season Safety*** Masks are optional for clients, we continue to open our wellness center to just one person at a time or couples/ guests arriving together. Please do not arrive early for your appointment, up to 5 minutes prior or at appointment time is sufficient. Full sanitization protocols are in place, as they always have been pre-Covid. We have been vaccinated and will wear a mask during your treatment. 

Please note, for any infections or virus recovery treated with steroids or antibiotics, you must wait two weeks post last dosage for sugaring as those medications can thin the skin or increase sensitivity. This also applies to two weeks post your last Covid vaccination if applicable.


*** New Clients *** In order to get the best benefits from your services, please make sure hair is at least 1/4 inch long (grain of rice) before booking your service. The "grain of rice" rule applies to full growth cycle, please refrain from shaving for TWO WEEKS before your appointment. Some of you may require three weeks post shaving. 


***Current Waxers should wait 3 to 4 weeks before first sugaring appointment.


***Current Sugarists will determine their schedule based on personal experience and progressive slowing of hair growth/ return.


***6 Week Follow Up rate*** applies to repeat clients only. Introductory rates apply to all new clients regardless of time since last sugaring or waxing hair removal appointment. Loyalty rates are rewarded!


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or for your free consult. Not properly following guidelines or lack of preparation for services may result in incomplete services, for which payment will still be expected. I am available to answer all of your questions and help you pick your best schedule. I want you to be thrilled with your smooth results! All services listed are Unisex unless otherwise indicated.




*** It is Very Important *** to maintain exfoliated and hydrated skin for your best sugaring results. Exfoliation should be done up to two days before appointment time and up to one day before arm/ leg sugaring where dry skin is most prevalent. Skin should be moisturized daily and most definitely on morning of appointment. Feel free to stop by our wellness center and purchase home care products before your appointment as needed (enjoy 15% off with your first Sugaring Treatment!)


***Day of Your Appointment*** Sugaring requires a cool space (room temperature is kept around 72 degrees) and a cool body! Please refrain from being outside in high temperatures or working out before your appointment. You may want to bring a cover up or comfortable wrap, preferably cotton, if you tend to get chilly in cooler spaces. Loose clothing should be worn to allow your skin to breathe and avoid unnecessary friction right after your treatment. For Brazilian/ Bikini sugaring, comfortable underwear without lace edging or rubbery nonslip lining is recommended. Some ladies even prefer to skip the panties and wear skorts, loose yoga pants or other types of open clothing for their best comfort!



Various service providers have different policies regarding minors. Sugared in Naples will not accept minors under the age of 15 years old for ALL hair removal services. Approved minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their adult guardian for all hair removal services.

Bikini Line: Disposable wear (provided by Sugared in Naples), undergarment or bathing suit bottom is required for teen bikini line hair removal. Deep Bikini or Full Brazilian hair removal is only available for over 18 years old.



Enjoy 15% off home care products with your sugaring treatments!

Cash, Check or Credit Card are all accepted. If you would like to build up your Credit Card power points while enjoying spa services, there is a 4% convenience fee for Credit Card payments (does not apply to product purchases!)

Our 48 hour cancelation policy requires full payment for services canceled within this time period in order to rebook next appointment. We are a private wellness center with full consideration for all clients. 

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