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Treatments & Pricing

Welcome to your first class sugaring experience! Please read the "Sugaring Guidelines" page before booking your appointment.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or stop by for your free consult.  All services listed are Unisex unless otherwise indicated.

Minors Policy:

Various service providers have different policies regarding minors. Sugared in Naples will not accept minors under the age of 15 years old for ALL hair removal services. Approved minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their adult guardian for all hair removal services. 

Bikini Line: Disposable wear (provided by Sugared in Naples), undergarment or bathing suit bottom is required for teen bikini line hair removal. Deep Bikini or Full Brazilian hair removal is only available for over 18 years old. 

Payment Policy: Enjoy 15% off  home care products with your Sugaring Treatment! 

Cash, Check or Credit Card are all accepted. If you would like to build up your Credit Card power points while enjoying spa services, there is a 4% convenience fee for Credit Card payments (does not apply to product purchases!)

Lower Body:

Bikini Line $45

Deep Bikini (Men or Women) $65

Brazilian (Full, Women Only) $80 OR

$65 (within 6 weeks) 

Stomach Strip included by request

Inner Thighs $30

Full Upper Legs $45

Buttocks $45/ $30

Full Legs $110  for first visit or solo service OR

 $80 (with Bikini/ Brazilian Services)

Lower Legs to above Knee $70 OR 

$50 (within 6 week follow up)

Upper Legs $45

Upper Body:

Full Arms $40

Lower Arms $30

Under Arms $30

Full Chest $35

Chest Strip $25

Full Back $55

Half Back $35

Full Stomach $30

Stomach Strip $25

(Included no charge with Bikini or Brazilian)

Face/ Full Face:

Full Face & Masque (Option to

Dermaplaning Tx) $95

Full Face & Masque

with Brows $115

Brows $30

Upper Lip $20

Chin $25

Lip & Chin Combo $40

Upper Lip & Chin Combo 

with Facial $30

Sideburns or Neck

(Women Only) $25

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